16 de agosto de 2010

OnlY i want....♥

I Only Want a Guy .. IF you Wanna be My Perfect Couple .. * I dont want a Perfect Boy' I ONLY want a guy that make me Fell in LOVE'! Its so difficult find a person that make you fell in love , but what happen if your love is not that you really want!! why we shouldnt be with the one that we really love ? I dont want somebody that promise me the stars the moon and the sky .. i want a human love .. a True Love.. Its so much? • I Want a boyfriend that remember me every day that the love exist! • Somebody that tell me each second that he LOVES me more that anything! • a Guy that send me yellow flowers when the sky is grey ! • a Boy that dont know the words .. Lies & WOMANIZER! • a Perfect couple that gives all for the realtionsip • a BOY that send me messages all day & write in each message pd: I LOVE YOU! • Somebody that make me laught each moment! • A boyfriend that thing in me all the day . • A guy that Put me HUNDREDS of comments in my PHOTOS :D • Somebody that make me fell good when i have problems •a Boy that gives him life 4 me! • Somebody who see movies with me every wekeend :) Where is the love'? . its difficult to know but i believe that one day my true love will come 4 me to take me away and tell me that he loves me ! *If you thing that you 'll be my perfect couple .. show me each day that u are right! .. u only need hope & this characteristics , maybe one day i give u all my heart , but first show me that you 'll be mine forever! pd : Can anybody find me somebody to love?____

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